There are days when time is just not on your hands. You will be late to get to class, or to a meeting, because time, huh, it fleets away, in its own text book fashion!

Indeed, very few people would claim to have tamed the wonder that is time, so you are not alone, friend.

You may successfully manage your time for a while, but this is not always guaranteed, thanks to factors beyond you. For example, you have no control over traffic, or a blocked section of the road on the route to your destination, or someone else just causing delays.

These are the times you are likely to find yourself biting your nails, or silently praying that time will not move so fast.

Since you are in no control of time, at least there is something you can control. Your temper, your anxiety, yourself.

Here is a little trick that would work perfectly to keep your mind occupied while you are dealing with such nerving moments.

Reach for that packet of Parle Biscuits from inside your bag, cut the packet open and slide in a biscuit into your mouth.

As it settles in with your saliva, and the tongue swishes it around the mouth, your mind will find something to think about – the sweetness, the happiness that comes with a happy treat.

Before you know it, you will be at the door of  where you were headed to! Go ahead and give it a try!