Kenyan weddings are becoming more expensive as the days go by.

That has not fazed Kenyan celebrities who have put forward their ‘A’ game when it comes to dolling out their hard earned cash for these ceremonies.

From the reception to the decor to the bridal party garments, all have taken millions of money to put together.

Here are some of Kenya’s most expensive weddings to date.

Janet Mbugua

On 30th of May 2015, Janet Mbugua walked down the aisle with the love of her life Edward Ndichu at Nyeri’s Chaka Ranch. One thing that attracted the eye was her wedding gown, simple yet very beautiful.

The price per night at the ranch is $630 which translates to roughly Ksh 63,000, I’m sure they did not just stay there one night but several nights and they also paid for close relatives. That should come to about Ksh 6,300,000 for a hundred people.

The designer of Janet’s wedding gown is said to be charging between Ksh 1.5 million and above for her one of a kind wedding gowns.

The whole wedding is said to have cost 15.9 million including the ‘A’ class catering, the decor and the grooms designer attire.



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Sarah Hassan

The former Tahidi High actress showed off her good taste when she walked down the aisle in a gorgeous gown at her garden wedding. Sarah who is known by her stage name Tanya, tied the knot to her long-term fiance Martin Dale after dating for almost 4 years.

Their wedding took place at the Karura forest. Normal rates are Ksh 100 for adults and Ksh 50 for kids. However, wedding ceremonies prices vary.  Ksh 200 is paid for each car that is parked around there. Not more than 1,000 people are allowed to grace an event that’s held there.

This means, the two must have paid 25,000 for their invited guest not mention the the cost of the parking lot. The whole venue must have cost them a million bob.

Sarah Hassan’s imported wedding gown is said to have cost about 3.2 Million.

Other expenses including catering and invitation cards cost upto 1.3 million.

Emmy Kosgei

She is one of the celebrities that had the most expensive weddings ever. Emmy Kosgei tied the knot with Nigerian televangelist Apostle Madubuko of Revival Assembly church at a colorful wedding. Her dress was one of the things she invested heavily in and by the look of things, she wasn’t disappointed.

She and her bridal party wore designer clothes that cost over Ksh 15 Million (for both traditional and white wedding).

Madubuko coughed a quarter a million Kenyan shillings for the venue.They hired a chopper which cost 150, 000 per hour. The chopper cost them about Sh10 million for the day.


Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia, a fashion blogger, officially became Mrs. Leteipan in November 2016, at a wedding that was held in Watamu. It was not only the beach wedding that captured the eye but also her wedding dress. It was more than beautiful!

An event in the oceans of Watamu where they did their wedding is about 250,000 per day. A room for one person per night costs Ksh 12,500.

Gerald Mwangi

Mwangi married Hollywood star Shamea Morton in an invites-only wedding on 22nd July. The two met at a lounge in Atlanta.

Her entire wedding was estimated to have cost over Ksh 100.5 Million including the decor, the reception and the gown.

I mean these people jetted into the country, went for a Safari trip into the wild and later attended two bachelorette parties.

Three quarters of this money is said to have been spend on the stag party and the Safari trip.

Gerald Mwangi and Shamea Morton

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Kathy Kiuna’s daughter Vanessa Kiuna

Vanessa and her husband Robert met abroad while they were studying. It did not take long for them to fall in love and the rest, as they say, is history. The two got married at their parent’s residential home in Kenya. Vanessa did not disappoint with her fitting designer gown.

The fact that the venue cost them zero bob did nothing to keep the costs grounded, the entire decor at church and the reception cost them over half a million. Vanessa’s imported gown was a whopping 2.4 Million.


other expenses include flying into the country, the safari trip to the wild, bachelorette party/ stag party, fuel, catering, invitation cards, logistics, hiring the venue etc – get the prices…

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