Wilkings Fadhili

Wikings Fadhili is not new to controversy. The self-proclaimed brand strategist has been accused of swindling upcoming teenage singer Trio Mio off his hard-earned cash.

Trio’s mother exposed Fadhili for conning her son, who was his manager.

‘Wilkings Fadhili is no longer Trio Mios manager. This guy has perfected the art of conning. This character has conned my son over 100k and still counting. Beware! He’s not allowed to transact any business on behalf of my son Trio Mio,’ the Serereka hitmaker’s mother posted.

In January 2019, Fadhili was exposed by Larry Madowo for being a fraudster and threatened to sue him.

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After Trio’s mum’s post, Fadhili responded with a photo of a prominent personality, showing the middle finger.

Wilkings Fadhili

Kenyans on social media have bashed Fadhili, asking him to refund the teenager’s money. Reactions include;

djshiti_comedian Haifai kuisha hivyo anafaa ashikwe atoe hiyo doh asikule jasho ya msanii Bwana pumbavu sana😳😳

simply_debbie Arudishetu pesa ya student ni hayo tu Kwa sasa hatutaki maneno!!!!

karobiag It’s not the first time he’s being exposed…

tinah_shinski_ke Be your son’s manager, that would work perfectly

sharonn.ke Wasn’t he exposed sometime back?🙄

saraimusic254 Uyo ni mwizi kweli he’s own wing 13k mine he will have to pay or I arrest him

isaboke2015 Rudisha pesa za Trio Mio wewe!

richardbrexx The dude is conning people hadi 2021.Hajapatana na wale wabaya avurugwe properly.I even wondered how he seduced you guys to be your manager yet his conniving ways was blogged all over the internet.

keysh72 He’s a known con man.. Always do due diligence coz this guy has been anikwad enough times

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