Ukipea makanga 1 thousand note.

We have all interacted with people who are always rude no matter what time of the day it is. These people always find a way of making us angry.

But there are specific careers where we feel like they have perfected this art, and they should leave this habits behind as we cross 2020.

1.Market women

Market women, not all have a tendency to be very rude especially when you try squeezing a fruit to feel whether it’s ripe.

It’s not a surprise to here them say

‘ usifinyafinye hii sio m@titi,(don’t keep pressing fruits are not a woman’s b@@bs.’

UKiambiwa hivo tembeze kiatu.

2. Butchery guys

Butchery guys are most notorious especially to clients who are constantly saying ‘Usiniekee mafuta’

Butchers have no chills and you might here him ask ‘unatakanipele kwa nyumba nikajipake? (Do you want me to take the fat home and apply it on my face.

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3. Conductors

They are the rudest people we know you will here them say ‘Ungetembea ukimbie kama una haraka, Nunua yako madam when you complain.

Some will even shamelessly flirt saying

‘hii ni size yangu.’

4. Tailors 

We have all had incidents with Kenyan tailors. You take a dress to be mended only for them not to make your dress before the agreed date.

When asked some are so rude and will retort

‘Sijamaliza kushona but unaeza chukua upelekee fundi mwingine.’

To such people may thunder strike you.

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5. Mortuary attendants 

These people can be heartless, given the nature of their job they can sometimes be rude to people who don’t want to cooperate.

Let’s say you are given the wrong body some will rudely tell you ‘Ingia ujiangalilie mwili yenyu ni gani.’.

Mark you this is to be done in a room full of lifeless bodies. If you are such attendants, may the devil open his gates for you when you die.

6. Nurses

Nurses especially those in maternity wings are known to be rude when fellow women come to give birth.

Their responses can make one get into labour due to their nature.

Some will tell you ‘Panua vizurri kama vile ulipanulia mzee.’ mark you you are in labour.

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