Kenya’s first daughter Ngina Kenyatta is not just a rich kid who sits on her laurels all day and wait for daddy dearest to provide, she hustles.

Ngina is the director of  The Kenyatta Trust a NGO that seeks to better the life of disadvantaged youth by providing them with scholarships.

In the course of her work as the director of the Trust, Ngina has to roll up her sleeves and get to work with the youth.

In one photo seen by Mpasho, Ngina participates in outdoor games with some of the students during a previous Janjaruka Camp.

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The annual camps are designed to teach the students’ life skills such as teamwork while engaging them in various fun and challenging camp activities.

“We continue to provide support to these young leaders because we know that every individual that forms The Kenyatta Trust family will not only positively impact our society but will have a story to share with their own children…the story of hope, of possibility and of change,” Ngina said.

Adding, “…most importantly, we know that when we speak of the promise that is a better Kenya, our students will have helped form part of this vision.”

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Check out other photos of Ngina during her official hustle as the director of the trust.

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