Actress Catherine Kamau Karanja has been called a snob by one of her fans who claimed she does not even agree to take selfies with them even while in public.

In a Q&A session via her Insta-stories the actress stated that she never ignores her fans but the biggest challenge is how many people approach her.

She pointed out that some people are very rude and rough.

The mother of two added that she can’t afford to ignore her fans because without them she would not be where she is now.

actress Cate posing

The fan wrote;

“We husnob manafans wakiomba kutake selfie?

Kate responded,

 Why should I? if you come correct I am the nicest person, bila mafans ningekuwa wapi? Shida huwa approach. Some people are extremely rude and rough! We are all humans.we have good and bad days.”

Another fan wanted to know how the mother of two handles criticism, basing on the fact that social media is full of people who like to bully and belittle others.

How do you handle social media criticism and how is baby K?

She said that she always minds her own business because she has serious goals to achieve, instead of focusing on what critics are saying.

If I listened to people, I would be dead by now sweetheart. I became indifferent, I mind my business because I have serious goals to smash,” she responded.

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Another fan lauded Mama K, for always inspiring others to better themselves

Mama K, you are an inspiration to me… you give me hope for love and good future for my little girl.

She added,

“Now you see why I concentrate on positive vibes here on social media, God gave me this platform for a reason. My story has given so many hope, God has continued to use me as his Vessel, I will never stop!’ she said.