Rose Muhando went viral recently in a clip where she was seemingly being exorcised by controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a.

However, a pastor from Tanzania, who claims to be her spokesperson, has told BongoTimes TV that he knows Muhando and has been working with her for five years now.

I started ministering with Rose Muhando in 2013. I have been with Rose through all the problems she has been through.

He added that Muhando has never been possessed by demons.

Watu wengi sana walisema kwamba Rose ana mapepo, ameanguka kanisani. Si kweli. Rose MUhando hajawhi kua na mapepop na hatakua na mapepo. Ninamjua Rose na ninajua kiwango chake cha kiroho.

Other people, including pastors and bishops, are saying Rose Muhando is being punished by God for missing gigs which she has already been paid for

She may have missed performances but it is because some pastors who invite her for performances want to have sex with her. They are pastors and we know them, and she has shown me the messages they have been sending her.

Mara nyingi Rose muhando hakua akihuduria mikutano kwa sababu walikua wakimtaka kimapenzi.Wako wachungaji waliokua wakiwatongoza kimapnezi na Rose aliniambia hayo yote.


The pastor also said the singer is currently ill and admitted in Nairobi, although pastors are using that opportunity to tarnish her name and uplift themselves.

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