So Rose Muhando’s abortion story is picking quite alot of steam. But that had me wondering about which other female celebrities have allegedly been linked to having procured alleged abortions. Some of the women on the list if you can even call it that have spoken about the same.
But given just how punitive Kenyan laws on abortions go, infact abortion laws in the greater East Africa for that matter, it isn’t surprising that this is still a part of our everyday life that no one wants to be associated with.

Anyway, here the list is:


Michelle Da Brand

The Kenyan gospel rap artist famous for her remix to Bamboo’s “Usilete Compe” was interviewed a few years back and she admitted to having had an abortion. But since those days, she has turned to the salvation of the Lord and is now a celebrated gospel artist.



Nikki Minaj

She revealed in a recent interview that she had procured an abortion when she was a teenager. The YMCMB rapper who has taken the world by storm ever since her debut, has even gone as far as to allude to her experience which she says still haunts her to date in a song.


And then I found this gem in a Ugandan site as I was looking for more source material for this article:



She may have been the latest celebrity to carry out an abortion for fear of public judgment and embarrassment. A few weeks back broke the story of the Princess’ pregnancy. However this pregnancy was short-lived and immediately after the abortion, the Princess rushed to post a photo exposing her belle to put to rest all news that she was pregnant. The abortion is the reason her skin colour looks like she’s just undergone a massive bleaching process.
Ugandan Musician Reh

She had the most visible pregnancy among the female celebrities just before she chose to abort the baby. We all remember the time when Reh disappeared from the public which saw many people asking questions. According to close friends, there were over three men who could have been responsible for the pregnancy, these include a certain pastor and two musicians. Due to uncertainty concerning the real owner of the pregnancy, Reh chose to carry out an abortion at a clinic in Ntinda under the tight watch of a musician with whom she was co-habiting at the time.

The abortion which was carried out later than recommended saw Reh fade for some good time which caused her to hide from the public. The abortion was carried out some weeks before her latest music video was shoot. To-date, the abortion still haunts Reh, and has seen her fail to produce a hit song. However, her course-mates at Campus confirm that Reh has carried out more than two abortions. “During her time at campus before she changed course, Reh played a number of dudes and she ended up getting pregnant for some of them. Abortion is normal among campus girls and Reh committed her fair share of abortions,” says Nakuya a coursemate.


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