Ronald Karauri

SportPesa boss Ronald Karauri has said that he will at some point join active politics like his dad, former Tigania East MP Mathew Adams Karauri.

This he revealed during an interview with MC Jessy on Jessy Junction.

‘I have political blood in me but the time is not right.

The change can only come with us participating and not always complaining.

If things go well in the future I will join politics.’

Considering his good looks many women were curious to find out if he is married, responding to this Karauri said,

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‘I Am married. 

My wife and I went to flying school together. We have three kids, we welcomed our daughter three months ago.

My wife is also a captain.’

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Asked on whether any of his kids has shown an interest in flying, Karauri who is also a former captain revealed,

‘My son has shown an interest in flying, but for now they are still young so we shall see how it goes later.

My second born is not yet sure of what she wants.’

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