Allegedly is the word of the day. because these are Robert Alai’s allegations -though to him and most of his readers, the post is the gospel truth according to St. Alai. Anyway, away from that and onto the story.The tale is told that on a Sunday night, Robert Alai took to his Facebook account to tell off Citizen TV for agreeing to run a piece done by Sally Mbilu on sexual exploitation going on in Awasi, a region found in Luo Nyanza.

<Sally Mbilu>


When Robert Alai raised issues with this reporter and her work, he was factual and had this to say:

After Citizen TV’s Sally Mbilu did a shallow piece on Awasi sex pests without any proof of the act, a view of the county and provincial administration or confessions of the victims, now the station is turning the pathetic report tribal.

Then he had a go at Julie Gichuru, one of Kenya’s most beloved seasoned media personalities -and you just have to love the fact that to Alai, everyone is fair game! Everyone is fodder, there are no sacred cows. Anyway, allow me to get back to the matter at hand after you indulged my going off on a tangent:

Julie who always has this ethnic lense while reporting stuff goes “the plight of Luo women is sad as their leaders concentrate on referendum.” So each community has own government in Kenya? Who is the president of Kenya? Why is it that the criminal acts of sex predators in Nyanza are not blamed on the police, provincial administration and the president? This sorry ass journalism stinks.

Royal media goes ethnic on even the most obvious reports. What is this station degenerating into? It is really sad.”

And the responses to the post came in fast and furious with everything from proper government administration to petty issues such as ethnic politics being broached. This man Alai has a truly amazing grasp of his audience!