Tina Kagia hasn’t had the easiest 2017 and let’s face it, she is still in for a long 2018 but atleast she is facing 2018 with a brave grin and a can-do attitude.

The former radio personality who opened up about her break from husband JB Masanduku and has embarked on her journey to heal herself and not just for her own sake but for the sake of the children she and JB Masanduku were raising together. For those of you who still do not know, she opened up to the world about her battles with alcoholism and a dysfunctional relationship with her estranged husband.

The petite beauty, Tina Kagia, took to social media to post her new year resolutions and she is honestly one of the celebrities one cannot help but root for. Check out her new year resolutions below and be inspired by them:

  • tinakaggia Resolutions 2018.
    1.Stop ghosting good guys.
    2.Wake up an hour earlier than necessary.
    3.Read the Bible more.
    4.Meditate more.
    6.Laser off something.
    7.Teach the kids how to play chess.
    8.Grow back my hair.
    9.Save hard!
    10.Less jeans and vests, more little dresses.
    11.Drink more water.
    12.Go on more dates. I actually don’t like them.
    What about you?
    #Resolutions #2018