A city man is lamenting about his experience with a local prostitute.

According to this man, he had a dry spell and he decided to browse through one of the sites, where escorts or rather prostitutes share their details so as to get one who would quench his thirst.

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All went well and they agreed on Sh1500 for one and a half hours. After they were done, the man revealed that they parted ways only to find the same prostitute lined up along the dusty busy River Road looking for clients who pay sh200.

Kenyan Prostitute
Kenyan Prostitute

He said he was shocked and the saddest part is after he remembered that he paid Sh1300 more compared to her normal charges.

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 He wrote;


Jana after kulipwa advance niliamus wacha nikule ka escort kutoka kwa Nikabrowse izo pics zao nikacall mmoja tukasikizana bei 1500 for 1:30 akanipa direction za lodging na room number. Kuifika izo area za Keekorok road niakaishia nikakula mali nikatoka nikaamua kuzunguka mjini.

After 30 minutes I saw the same prostitute kwa wale mapoko wa street was Sh200. I felt robbed after spending my 1500. Iliniuma sana.

What a waste for the boychild!

Prostitution is illegal in the country but many still practice it. Do you think the government of Kenya should legalize prostitution?

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