Residents attending a burial ceremony in Mbondoni village, Mwingi, were on Saturday left in shock after a baby ‘resurrected’ as she was about to be laid to rest.

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The one-and-a-half-month old infant is said to have died three days ago after a sudden illness.

Mourners said after the prayers were over, some women were asked to dress and collect the body of the young one for burial, in keeping with the community’s culture.

But when they touched the baby’s body, they realised it was warm, and after a short while the infant coughed, much to the disbelief of the women.

When news that the baby ‘had come back to life’ reached the mourners, some vanished, while others remained in the compound to confirm the truth.

A relative of the family, Major Mwenga, said they had finished all the burial preparations, including digging the grave, because the infant had been confirmed dead.

“She is currently in a hospital and we have already informed the authorities about the same,” he said

Mwenga said following the bizarre incident, the family will have to plant a banana tree in the grave, in accordance with the Kamba culture, to prevent unexpected deaths in their lineage.

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– The Star/ Lydia Ngoolo