Children are a blessing!

Many male celebrities have continued with some of their past habits even after becoming fathers. Something that has got fans wondering what their plans for the future are now that they are fathers.

And yes…Change is inevitable. Change is inevitable!

NB: This article is not addressed to the children but rather the fathers.


After 2 long years, Bahati, the ever-controversial gospel singer introduced his beautiful daughter to the world. All this time, we saw him as this single, innocent and ‘holy’ singer of “The Word”.

One thing that many fans have been disgusted about this singer is his sagging. His swag. Something that is out of fashion but Mtoto Wa Mama still insists on getting on with it.

Number two, his poorly created publicity stunts. He first started with ‘sympathy’ stunts to get fans feeling sorry for him after he accused Willy Paul and L-Jay Maasai of plotting to kill his career.

bahati 1

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The father of one has been seen running after women for the longest time now. From starring in a local reality show that hung his dirty linen in public to have a small beef with Colonel Mustafa. Let’s just say he is just but a mere socialite!


3.King Kaka

He is the King of publicity stunts. The father of two has not changed a bit after he fathered his totos. He is one artiste that has seen Kenyans talk of his ‘cheap’ stunts in town. From pretending to have been arrested to inviting people to his ‘fake’ wedding, all that has been done in a bid to attract attention. And yes, the list is endless.


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4. Octopizzo

The father of many has taken the headlines by storm, time and again. The namba nane rapper has been seen for some time now throwing shade at another artiste on national TV, where his children are watching. From releasing diss tracks to attacking counterparts on social media, he has done it all.

octopizzo 2

5. Creme Dela Creme

We should not be talking about ‘sex tapes’ in such an article but then the Internet can’t help it but remember. Case closed. I rest my case.


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