Risper Faith
Risper Faaith and Brian. photo credit: instagram/risper faith

Risper Faith has lit a fire under the numerous jobless youths who are on Instagram.

She posted a job alert post asking for recommendations for a good nanny.

“my husband @brayo79 and I are looking for a professional nanny to come help us take care of our baby, she must be 35 and above,at least 5 years of experience, ready to travel with us,” Risper Faith wrote, “and also who can stay with us….STARTING SALARY KSH.80,00.”

A lawyer said she is willing to quit the practice to take up the lucrative position in Risper Faith’s household.

Risper FaithGrace Ndiege said, “I have a law degree and four years experience looking after 2 kids plus I take amazing IG photos I could manage his Instagram account and teach him law while the rest of the kids are singing nursery rhymes 😋.”

Adding, “But I have a few questions is the job inclusive of pension and the legislated number of leave days? Is it inclusive of medical cover? At this point can I just throw in that Article 27 of the Constitution forbids against any form of discrimination including gender and age, I believe you should be an equal opportunity employer. Thanks 🤣😂”

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Here are other reactions from shocked Instagrammers.

koredoris: I can leave my degree to just take care of your baby, and travel the world with you. That is my dream salary, and your paying for nanny job then i don’t need any degree. I have taken care of my 5 younger siblings I think that is enough experience.

joysandraalkazarr: This is just for people to see., If you get there hutasikia mambo ya 80k. That’s the truth.

muthoni6454: Hii 80 sausands ni pesa za Kenya ama Tanzania 🙄🙄🙄🙄enyewe tumia pesa ikuzoee

patricksaah0: I am a professional nanny from Wakanda, the most technologically advanced country in this world.

urban_andchic: I dont have experience as a nanny but hey the starting salary will make me apply 💛💛.

muruginjeruh: Can I come babysit…..ngiri eite jesooo.

abbyleaks: @ladyrisper jameni weka the Pic of the baby hata kama ni mgongo iendane na caption… Otherwise those applying wanakujia mat*ko.

mussahhawa: @ladyrisper is the salary per year or month????

amor_feb: @acheevee too bad we are under 35yrs . Job opportunity imetupita😁😁

kasweetiekadogo: Nikiacha kazi mjue am now a professional house manager kwa Risper.

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