Everybody wants to be famous but have you ever asked yourself what is the price you have to pay when you become famous? It’s not always rosy.

Below are some of the major challenges celebs constantly have to deal with.

  1. Being stalked

One of the major risks and disadvantages is being stalked. In a past question and answer segment, media personality Sheila Mwanyigha said an ex had stalked her for more than 10 years.

‘Ever been stalked by an ex’ Asked a fan

’10 years and counting.’ Sheila responded

2. Kidnapping

Celebrities are an easy target for kidnapping as people always assume they have lots of cash.

In the past, Nana Owiti, wife to King Kaka narrated how an ex got her kidnapped something that left her traumatized for a long time.

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She was in a club when the ex asked to talk to her.

“By the time I went out, I found some motorbikes guys, a car over there open and they lifted me and forced me in the car,” she said.

Nana only escaped later after being saved by a watchman.

3. Peer pressure to live a certain lifestyle

Truth be told, we all know that people always place high expectations on us more than we do on ourselves.

The pressure is twice or thrice as much when it comes to celebrities.

People expect them to live in particular estates, drive high end cars, sponsor their parte after parte lifestyles among other things.

This is without consideration that these ‘celebs’ also have a life to live.

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4. Trolling

Netizens are savage and do not know when to stop. They will constantly bring up your past in order to pacify their ego.

Being a celebrity or a public figure requires on to have a heart of steel otherwise you might end up dead.

5. Constant public scrutiny

People will always be ready and willing to see you fail,most are never happy when you succeed.

But you know what? live your life after all we only live once.

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