Dandora gangsters

City toughest cop Hessy wa Dandora has struck again. The fierce cop, who is always working round the clock to make Nairobi a safer place for its residents, has once again put yet another batch of gangsters on the spot.

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Hessy has called upon young gangster couple Kim and his girlfriend Njeri aka Njee to change or face the wrath. According to Hessy, the two are part of dreaded gangs, which terrorizes city residents and operates mainly in Eastlands areas.

“#KIM from Dandora phs 2, i want u and #MAKAVELI to know u were supposed to be dead by yesterday along side ua crime partners #BOSIRE and others, u managed to escape narrowly, I understand u are second in command from Makaveli: ua girlfriend well known as #NJEE from #MailiSaba is also part of ua gang group and she plays the obvious role, ferrying guns when going and coming from ua illegal operations especially within the areas of Dandora, Baraka Mowlem, Maili saba, Kayole, Mathare, and Mwiki: now get this from me, ILE NYUNGU YA KUCHEMSHA DAWA YENU TUSHANUNUA, the clock is ticking!!!” Hessy wrote accompanied by the pic below.

Couple gangsters

Barely a month after warning him, Kim was gunned down a few days ago and Hessy has sent out a stern warning to city criminals. He says those who chose to live by the gun will die by it.

“#Mabandit mnasema hamna maskio na macho, ni sawa basi…. Huyu sasa ni #Kim brakes zimeishia pale #Mariguin highway #BarabaraYaChini! Huyu jamaa piki piki yake imwewai chomwa pale #CinemaYaChini sometimes back, but he didn’t learn anything from there, aliendelea na kazi yake ya wizi wa kimabavu,… Vijana! #CrimeDoesNotPay.”

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Well, the most lethal gangsters of the 21st century include; Mwane Sparta and Teddy of Gaza gang, Junior and Tomaso Gagula of Mauko family.

During Mwane’s funeral service, he was mentioned as a real estate manager as opposed to reports that he was a thug.

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