Kasarani armed thug
Kasarani armed thug who shot Richard Muema

One of the toughest city cops identified as Blackest Widow has broken his silence on last week’s Kasarani robbery that left one Richard Muema for dead.

Muema was shot seven times in the stomach and leg by a thug in Kasariani’s Sunton area trying to defend his friend, the shopkeeper.

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Both Muema and his friend are admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Kasarani armed thug
Kasarani armed thug who shot Richard Muema

The video has gone viral with many calling upon the police to take action on the thugs, who are terrorising city residents. Police are currently searching for the heavily armed thug.

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Blackest Widow has revealed that gangsters/thugs have taken over the city and if nothing is done, we’re going to lose more innocent people

These young boys with a gun opened fire on innocent customers. One of the customers is currently at KNH with 7 bullets in his body

I think criminal gangs are taking over Nairobi, and it will reach a situation where no one will dare them. So far they have conducted 4 successful carjackings, killed 2 police officers, stole one Ak47 and 2 pistols in a span of 3 weeks. The officers who are supposed to be tackling them are still being frustrated and intimidated by some police bosses. violent gangsters are also following on every announcement made by police bosses and they are very much aware things are not the same in the police department….and as you can all bare me, witness, no one is being spared in this game, hardworking police officers and innocent Kenyans are being targeted by armed and violent gangsters. WE ARE STILL IN THE EARLY NOVEMBER, DECEMBER BADO IKO MBALI KIASI.

Kasarani thug
Kasarani thug shows off gun

Many have praised Muema, a freelance writer for his courageous act, calling upon Hessy and company to help reduce crime rate in the city.

Shista Shish These goons are having the time of their lives!! If things don’t change Kenyans are going to suffer.

Nyosh Tunner Symoh That guy is a real deal but next time beat that thug to kill…liwe liwalo.

Sinji Macalf This a very dangerous trend, this MUST be stopped.

Kahura Wa Wanjiku I think half ya hio group ikiangushwa thats when watatulia, in the mean time acha wajimbambe siku yao yaja.

Winnie Kansimwe The guy was courageous, angeshika tu hio gun ingekuwa poa,…these kids will die like dogs.

James Njenga Soo sad. There is this phone snatcher at Kangemi opposite shell. He snatches phones from slow-moving vehicles and he doesn’t run away after the act. Saw him three consecutive days. Please do something be4 he breaks someone’s hand.

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