Dennis Yego

Kenyans on Facebook are in shock after a man identified as Dennis Yego took his life barely two days after posting a suicide note on the same platform.

Rest in peace to me,’ he posted on February 17 at around 8:05 PM accompanied by some of his photos.

Dennis Yego
Screenshot of Dennis Yego

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In another post he shared at 8:21 pm the same day, he wrote,

Kama kuna mtu ananitai Then kam before midday tomorrow morning [If there’s anyone who wants to see me, come tomorrow before midday].

Dennis Yego

The 24-year old man from Nandi county is among the many who’ve succumbed to depression. His body was found hanging from a cypress tree.

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The reason why he committed suicide is yet to be established though according to some he took away his life after a quarrel with his wife.

Muthiukuri Thiike Wishing I had seen this post before Yego took his life maybe he could be still alive yet I’m wondering if you all read it and took it as a joke as most claim they are on Facebook for fun I pity the so we call online friends yet they are here judging condemning

Mourine Irene Kenya is really turning into something else…. depression must be announced a national disaster

Don Juma I think mental health it’s becoming serious

Sheldon M Shichere So sad that the guy is gone at early age. Let’s not blame one another mbona hatukumsaidia,no one would have thought of this. We would have all gone to save him. May God give the family strength during this mourning time

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