Former President Daniel Moi

Daniel Toroitch Arap Moi was a classic man. From his designer suits to shoes, Moi had a great sense of fashion.

The retired president had a signature looks that involved neckties with elaborate prints, just like the late KTN anchor Ahmed Darwesh.

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The man, who served as the Kenyan president for 24 years loved floral ties and there was no day he stepped out without wearing one.

Moi passed away on Monday morning while receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital. He was the vice president of Kenya for 14 years and was over 100 years.

Below are photos which proof Moi was the best-dressed president Kenya has ever had

Daniel Moi
Daniel Moi laying a foundation stone to the Nguberetti comm

Daniel Moi Daniel Moi Daniel Moi Daniel Moi Daniel Moi

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 Daniel Moi Daniel Moi Daniel Moi Daniel Moi