Former Tahidi High actress Veronicah Mwaura laid to rest her dad today at Kipipiri county.

Veronicah who played the role of Miss Obija on the high school drama lost her dad to COVID-19 complications.

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Paying tribute to her late dad, Veronicah penned an emotional letter.

though your departure is painful
i wont question why it had to come
neither will I sorrow over it
instead, dad, allow me to celebrate you

I hurt inside to see you go
knowing the Love you had for me
recalling the many Promises I made
to try and repay your Goodness to me

Though my steps int life falter
i will always walk in your footsteps
and give the most I can to all
as you loved to do always

Your care knew no age
Your friendliness hugged everyone
You gave a word where required
You gave a hand where necessary

I will always live in the shadows
Of your abundant generosity
You gave by one’s need
Not by status of recepient

Dad, your sudden departure
Hands me a heavy baton
To see your dream of the world
Achieved hopefully fully

It’s not easy walking
In shoes meant for you
But I will do my best
With your wisdom
And God’s grace
I will manage
Rest well

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