Ringtone in white

Ringtone has a history of making outlandish comments. From speaking about buying a personal helicopter to him saying that he was worth 800 million shillings.


But these aren’t the claims that are getting Kenyans worked up but his claim that he really wants to marry Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz’s former wife.

Zari Hassan

His claim has been ridiculed by many but he isn’t backing down. He came and did an interview on Mpasho.co.ke in which we quizzed him over the issue and he was very candid about it.


Gospel singer Ringtone is in love and he wants to show it to one woman. He said:

“I’m going to Uganda to visit Zari’s home and I’m going with some of my friends and one or two elders. We are going to seek to know if we can be able to pay dowry.”

And sliding into Zari’s DM’s is what the musician is going to do. And he isn’t ashamed about it. He said:

“I’ve loved Zari but I’ve restrained myself knowing she was in love with another person, as a person with integrity you can restrain yourself but it gets to a time when that person is free you get her.”

Watch the exclusive video below:

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