The singer has been on Willy Paul's case the last few months

After months of desperately searching for a wife, Kenyan gospel artiste Ringtone has finally given up hunting, but only for a short while.

The reason he stopped searching was because of the unnecessary attention he was getting.

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This may come as surprise considering he best known for his constant need for attention.

“I made a lot of noise during that time and I realized that I was trending all over Africa and not in a good way.

It was becoming a lot of drama but soon I come back with the drama.

I was even getting calls from Nigeria asking why the richest gospel musician in Kenya was looking for a wife!” He said 

He however added that he has not completely stopped his wife search adding that he wants to come back bigger and better.

“I am still looking to get a wife, the only thing that I am looking for is money for the billboards. I will put them everywhere in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi.”

So desperate was he for a wife that Ringtone stood with a placard by the road. According to the card, he wants a God Fearing, hardworking, prayerful and humble wife.

Men constantly say Kenyan women love rich men, how come Ringtone has not found a wife?

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