Ringtone and Tanasha donna

Gospel artiste Ringtone is trending for all the wrong reasons after sharing a photo of himself hanging out with Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz’ ex.

Sharing the photo of himself he captioned

‘🙏🙏🙏A man of God meating a woman of God who is very polite with pure heart @tanashadonna 👌👌👌’

In 2018, Ringtone confessed his undying love for Diamond’s baby mama Zari Hassan. Going to an extent of buying her a Range Rover.

That is why Kenyans are pissed. Many argued he does not know how to look for his own women, always waiting for left overs.

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Partly in a letter written to Zari, he wrote

“I’ve loved Zari but I’ve restrained myself knowing she was in love with another person.

as a person with integrity you can restrain yourself but it gets to a time when that person is free you get her.”

Below are some of the reactions to Ringtone hanging out with Tanasha.

mulamwah:Bro ilikua zari , umechange tena 😂😂😂😂😂 , mondi ndio pacesetter naona
arthurmwanga: Meating a woman of God😂😂😂Hii kingereza ni Ile ya Journalist amesomea KMTC😂😂
eatweel.90: Unapenda leftovers za diamond 💎 😂😂😂😂
nickiekoech56: Si unapenda burungu zimeachwa na platnamz ,si zari, ndo uyu tanash, 🤔🙉….naenda ivi nakam.
peter_okello: Paka akiondoka APOKO anatawala…
stellajanewangarimacharia: Why do you keep on justifying yourself?
ringstar:😂bro Uko hii side ingine simba kumalizia fisi unapokea😂
armstrong_davie: Ako na mmoja tayari ongenza sita wafike saba 😂😂😂😂
wuodanyuongi: Nini inakusumbua na mabibi za diamond surely yule mwingine ulimnunulia gari tena umeanza na Tanasha bwana jakisii.
prijazmin: Sijaona mahali ringtone anasema that he is in love with tanasha, just wondering what’s wrong with people?🙄#justaninnocentpic
squeeshizzle: Meating? Kukulana ama?
lavinediva:Ulikuwa kwa zari Tena no Tanasha😂🤣😂🤣 Diamond anakutafutia na wee unachukuwa.
george_abuor:@ringtoneapoko hey bro, nimeona mahali umesema she is just a friend. The best you can ever have is a wife who is not just a wife but a friend.