Gospel singer Alex Apoko, better known as Ringtone, could be walking down the aisle with Ray C, if its God’s will that they settle down together.

The ‘Talanta’ singer had an opportunity to meet with the Tanzanian songstress in December last year thanks to rapper AY.

According to reports, the two had a very cordial meeting and Ray C informed him that she was on her way to full recovery from drug addiction.

When asked whether he still wants to marry her as he had expressed interest weeks after the Mama Nitilie singer announced that she wanted a husband, Ringtone said he is waiting for God to direct him.

“We said nothing serious to each other though. I am single and praying God blesses me with a worthy life partner. Ray C too is not seeing anyone currently. But I pray she finds a good partner in Tanzania. But, well it could be me. But for now God has not directed me to be with Ray C,” said Ringtone as quoted by edaily.

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