The singer contemplating

Ringtone came out with the very bold claim that he wanted Zari’s hand in marriage. The gospel musician made the statement a few weeks after Zari dumped Diamond on Valentine’s day.

Diamond and Zari
Diamond and Zari in happier times. photo credit: Instagram

The singer took the term no chills to a whole new level with the outright and blatant acts of desire for the Ugandan socialite. When people inquired whether his interest was genuine or it was just a publicity stunt, he produced cows that he was going to take to Zari’s parents as bride price.

Ringtone and the dowry

But it seems the singer was not yet done. According to an interview he gave to the pulse he also parted with a diamond ring worth 800,000 shillings. But the ring may not be with Zari at the moment as Ringtone believes he may have been conned.


He explains how a certain man came to him claiming to be Zari’s cousin and that this smartly dressed man was an emissary from Zari. She wanted the singer to set up a formal meeting with her.


The messenger also asked for tangible evidence to show that the two had communed. A picture would have been too small for the wealthy musician so he decided to buy an engagement ring worth 800,000 shillings and give it to the man to take to Zari.


And according to the musician, he did so! That is not all, he also gave the man 100,000 shillings for logistics.

Now he wonders whether he was conned or if the man was legit? How could I write this story? Shame on me!

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