The singer has been on Willy Paul's case the last few months

Ringtone – real name Alex Apoko – is not a happy man today.

After his beef with Willy Paul the past few months, he has decided to engage another gospel musician.

The singer has been on Willy Paul’s case the last few months

Who could it be? Mr. Seed.

And which seeds did the singer sow to get the ire of Mr. Apoko? He shared a stage with his the great ‘devil’ Willy Paul!

Ringtone wrote on his Instagram page:

✍✍✍✍So @mrseedofficialYOU ALLOWED @willy.paul.msafi TO MOcK GOD WITH HIS SONG #hallelujah AND HIS SPIRITS and still say your your concert was gospel???
So how do the men of God feel after we have stand with you for this time. The sound, stage, road show truck ,THE SONG n video with @solomonmkubwa . Donated by @jesuscultureministries .but you still MORKED GOD this EARLY??? By DEFILING his pulpit??? God will raise a new generation

Ringtone's caustic post on his Instagram page
Ringtone’s caustic post on his Instagram page

I hope you understand his message despite him murdering the queen’s English in his diatribe.

What did his followers think about his latest onslaught?

Some of their comments are below:

kenmoree56: Si mkamba mmoja ajitolee aturogee uyu jamaa. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

gracynjiri: You Ringtone is a high time you look for a wife..you get busy…

slamboy254: I think huwa unakunywa kiasi ndo unaanza kuona zako.

morriswafasa: Buda Ungekua watchman wa heaven tungepata tabu sana @ringtoneapoko.

swizz254: Ati mork nigga who was your eng ticha fala hii and remember that same God said thou shall not judgesarahngava’s profile picture.

sarahngava: You need medical check up.

gladomugane: @ringtoneapoko you are losing your mind. It’s now getting out of hand. Something is not right 😭😭😭.

shicqowacucu: Pilipili usioila yakuwashia.

ndichu.j: @ringtoneapoko unawivu sana🖕

Mr. Seed
Mr. Seed

Clearly, a lot of people are not feeling him in this war that he has been waging against Willy.

Will he stop the constant bashing?

I don’t think so. The man is gaining more than he is losing publicity-wise.

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