Lawyer Ogola

Lawyer Patrick Ogola of Ogola & Mujera Advocates is suing I&M Bank for over Sh26.9 million frozen in his bank accounts. The lawyer has said that his efforts to get the bank to make a Sh26.9 million transfer to Hong Kong for his clothes shopping have hit a snag.

The lawyer has said that he has tried to contact the bank over the phone, but there has been no explanation as to why his transaction requests have not been actualized.

“I became aware that the defendant (I&M) had failed to effect the aforementioned instruction when I was informed by the recipient that the subject funds had failed to clear as expected or at all,” Ogola says in his affidavit.

He also said that when he attempted to make a Sh.120,000 over-the-counter withdrawal, he was not successful.

“I was kept waiting for 20 minutes and then advised that my cheque would not be paid,” he added.

The lawyer says that his discussion with the bank’s customer service and relationship manager wasn’t fruitful.

He is representing businessman Ben Gethi in a suit where Gethi is alleged to have gotten Sh585 million from the NYS and used it to acquire land and other properties.

Source: The Star