When it comes to marketing, it’s safe to say that singer Akothee is one of the very few Kenyan celebrities who have mastered the art and are using it to their advantage. Forget about all the things she gloats about, this woman saw an opportunity in the industry and she’s milking the sh!t of it.

Even after one salty fan criticized her for being bossy and apparently rude, the ‘Give it to me’ singer is still flaunting her blessings.

‘Wanyama Earns 1M in A Week And Can Still Afford Simplicity, Pesa Huisha, Stop Being Bossy And Rude’, Angry Kenyan Viciously Attacks Akothee

On 60-second video, Akothee took us for a tour of her expensive mansion that is to die for. Check out the video below;

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