Rich Mavoko

Diamond created Wasafi records and a family was born.

Like every other normal family, there is always papa’s favourite child and from the look of things, the Wasafi (WCB) family is no different.

Diamond being the father here is seen spending a lot of time with both Rayvanny and Harmonize. Even when it comes to collaborations.


The only time we have seen Diamond move from that comfort zone is when they all did the hit song, Zilipendwa.

Well, in an interview, Rich Mavoko who was once signed under Kaka Empire was asked to talk about the elephant in the room. We didn’t know much about him but when he moved and went under the arms of Diamond Platnumz, his music is making its way to other countries.

Rich Mavoko

So in the interview, he asked to talk about the fact that it is very clear that Diamond actually favors Harmonize more and that he seems to have more love for him.

Rich Mavoko went ahead to say:

tangu nianze kuwa WCB sijawahi kufikiria kuwa kuna mtu anapendelea. kila kitu ni jitihada zake

I don’t know if that is a way to console himself because everywhere Diamond is, Harmonize is behind him. Even when Diamond came to launch his album here, Harmonize was the next guest of honour of course after Diamond’s mother.

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize

That day, Harmonize shed tears at the success Diamond has seen so far. Harmonize has been crying too much though. The success he has seen come his way must really overwhelm him.

During the monthly Koroga festival, Harmonize took to the stage with an amazing performance. He must have learned from his mentor, Diamond. He got so overwhelmed at some point he just broke down.

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This is not the first time though. During his big performance in Tanzania about a month ago, Diamonds surprise appearance brought him to tears. He could not hold it he even knelt down.

Clearly, these two have a lot of love for each other.

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