She has that je ne ses quoi quality about her. Effortless.

Meet the late John Michuki’s grand daughter Stacy Michuki. She is the current title holder of the crown for Face of Nairobi Top Teen Model.

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Her grandfather, Mzee Michuki was a no-nonsense man.

When he served as Internal Security Minister, he often declared to Central Kenya residents “you will only see graves” in reference to the war on Mungiki which had been blamed for massive killings and kidnappings.

Many people also remember him for stream lining the matatu madness, to date everyone of the nganya’s adhere to the Michuki rules.

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As a Cabinet minister, the no-nonsense public servant had a fair share of criticism and will be remembered for his infamous quote “If you rattle a snake be prepared to bitten by it” which he made when journalists asked him to comment about the Standard raid in March 2006.

Michuki was married to the late Josephine Watiri Michuki and they have six children.

Stacy has curved her our niche and cleared her own path as a Michuki.

“Being a model as been the best thing that as happened to me??,” Adding, “It allows me to be someone i’m not everyday.”

You can now check out her photos below:

Stacy Michuki Stacy Michuki Stacy Michuki Stacy Michuki Stacy Michuki Stacy Michuki Stacy Michuki