Otile Brown on stage

Singer Otile Brown is a bitter man. The Baby Love hitmaker, who was recently dumped by Ethiopian lady Nabayet, has been on a rant.

Maybe I don’t deserve Nabii, I feel like she’s always trying to act like she understands and she can take it but I think she’s drowning,’ Otile wrote in one of his posts.

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He went ahead to brag about how his exes, the likes of Vera Sidika and not Nabayet, don’t get over him after breaking up with him.

Have you ever wondered why my exes never get over me? It’s because I’m sweet, caring, loving and very smart,” he wrote.


For my exes, I feel sorry for y’all because you’re sad and miserable, You fake smiles and act that all is well in your new RELATIONSHIPS.

The angry singer announced that he was now single and not searching.

I’m single and I don’t need a woman in my life. I will focus on my music for now. Sorry for the disapointment, annoyance and the stupid acts. Maybe relationships aren’t for me.

Over the weekend, Otile Brown performed in Kakamega and as usual, he did his best. He kept revelers entertained and at one point he invited a female fan to stage to dance with him.

Otile Brown pulled seductive dances with the lady as the crowd cheered.

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The lady was rubbing her behind on Otile’s genitals as they enjoyed the infamous bendover dance style.

The singer shared the video and captioned it,

kisha wana force tufanane, 🤣 mi macho tu, first go make people fall in and out of love, makeup and break up, make love, sad and happy with your music 🙏. Thanks for the love KAKAMEGA #MapenziHisia #GoodMusic #OB #justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove

Below is the video

Otile Brown almost gives Kakamega lady pekejeng on stage!

Otile Brown almost gives Kakamega lady pekejeng on stage!

Posted by Mpasho News on Monday, October 7, 2019

Kenyans have begged Otile to refrain from getting too close with fans because it will cost him his relationships again.

sake_huka Utaachwa tena

wakio_kiseu Nabayet akiona hivi ndo wazidi kumchafua

saima.khan Making Nabbi jealous again.

joyous Nakwambia kudate msanii yahitaji uvumilivu wa kutosha😂😂😂😂

keshianbaibe Akh kudate msanii nikujinyonga na bigijii😮

perps_mueni Utaachwa tena @otilebrown

slaggydonn  Yule nabbi akiona ivi anakua na wazimu

kawambui.esther Waaah nakwambia kudate Otile Brown ni noma he makes every gal love him