Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna displays her baby bump

A few days back, Zari Hassan hit out at Tanasha Donna advising her to be ready to bring up her son as a single mother. This was informed by how Diamond has abandoned his own children without remorse.

Here is why Zari stated that Diamond will also desert Tanasha in a few years time.

  1. She is pregnant yet Diamond has not proposed

We are told never to put the cart before the horse, in African customs the baby comes after a wedding but that is not the case for this power couple.

I wasn’t stalking you Zari! Tanasha clears the record

2. Diamond is a baby Daddy to other women as well

They say, once a dodge always a dodge, Diamond has in the past been involved in baby mama drama with Hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan.

Despite the fact that people can change we doubt where Tanasha can tie Diamond down.

But then again, we could be wrong.

Diamond talks about his firstborn, ‘secret love child’ with Mwanza babe!

3. Diamond Platnumz libido is unmatched

In a past interview, Diamond had confessed that one of the reasons he and Zari didn’t work out was because of the distance.

“To say the truth, God is my witness, it is clear she loved me more than I loved her.

She’s someone I respect because she given me children and I was in love with her…

I can’t say I didn’t love her because I would be lying. But her love was too much,” Diamond said. “When it came to me, there were stupid things I did.”

Diamond went on to add that he is a young man and he has sexual needs.

“I felt it was going to be a task and the reason is because I’m still young and I’m a star.

Women are always drooling over me. Imagine I leave the office, I go home and I don’t get my lover, she is South Africa.

I will endure one or two weeks and then give up,” the singer admitted.

This distance issue is still in the Diamond-Tanasha relationship. It is a matter of time before Diamond get lonely and Tanasha is not there to turn to.

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