Jamal Nasoor

Jamhuri day this year was a sad day for many Jamal Nasoor lovers and the Kenyan Entertainment Industry.

Known for his role on the KTN TV series Junoir as Baba Junoir and on Vioja Mahakamani passed on yesterday after an argument with his lover, Grace Kanamu Namu.

A police report shows Grace Kanamu Namu is alleged to have stabbed the actor at Arks Hotel on Tuesday night after a lovers quarrel.

A Good Samaritan called Athi River police station and made a report at 6.15am. It was recorded under OB No. 08/12/12/2018.

The news was first broken on social media by the late Jamals colleague Meggielle, who jotted down a message on social media saying:

My heart is so heavy I could barely believe it when I got the news of your passing on You were such a jovial man.. And moments with you at work creating a show together are everlasting Ulikuwa mtu wa watu… And your acting skills were something else You were always the life on set to say the least My heart bleeds for you.. I will miss you Life is just too short Mungu akuweke mahali pema peponi

The police report seen by the Star reads in part.

It was reported that Jamal Nassul Gaddafi (39), was having a party at Arks Hotel near 67 Airport Hotel on the night of December 11, 2018. There was a quarrel between him and his friend Grace Kanamu Namu (40). She picked a knife and stabbed him,

Jamal actor

Gaddafi, who also acted, was rushed to Shalom Community Hospital in Athi River where he was pronounced dead.

Athi River police boss Sharma Wario told the Star he was aware of the incident.

Nimesikia kitu kama hiyo. Niko kwa sherehe za Jamhuri Day. Tutaongea baadaye,” Wario told the Star on the phone on Wednesday.

(I’ve heard of something like that, but I’m currently involved in the Jamhuri Day celebrations. We will take later).

Going through social media, we managed to get a few pictures of Grace below:

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