Sadat Muhindi

Sadat Muhindi, the CEO of Maliza Umaskini Records didn’t attend Papa Dennis’s funeral.

The Makekes hit singer was signed under the label for quite a while before his contract expired in early 2019.

Papa Dennis

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According to controversial gospel singer Ringtone, Sadat was busy holidaying in Dubai during the artiste’s burial.

Sadat posted a photo on social media on his way to Dubai. He did not attend Papa Dennis’ send off and when we set a meeting to contribute money for Dennis’ send off, he said the hotel where we were was too filthy for him so he left to plan his own funeral committee only to bring back Ksh 6000,’ ringtone said during Dennis’s funeral.

But Sadat’s former PA and close ally Kevin Kaspul has rubbished the claims.

Sadat Muhindi

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Kaspul said,

Some people took advantage of the situation (Papa’s death) especially his opponents and some few people in the music industry. They were trying to twist things so that he could be heckled.


He added,

THAT is his hometown. He vied there and is loved by many there and due to respect he has for his people, he decided it was better for him not to attend so as to avoid unnecessary drama and confrontation. 

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