Some of the Over 10,000 delegates who are currently in Nairobi for the 14th session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development which begun last week must be having a lot of sex!

CONDOM SIO BALLOON! Deadly Towns Where HIV Is A Reality. Chunga Sana Boss!!!!

According to Abel Ogaro, a retired military man now popularly known as Mr. Condom, over 7, 200 condoms are being distributed in the Nairobi CBD and its outskirts DAILY from when the conference started.

It’s alleged that plans to supply some of the major hotels with condoms were even made prior to the event, but on the first day, over 5,000 condoms and lubes allegedly ran out in minutes forcing Mr. Condom to supply more.

Apparently, it’s now very hard to find twilight girls in places like Koinange Street since most of them had allegedly been contacted by the hotels to quench their visitors’ thirst. Commercial sex workers from other counties also came to Nairobi to meet the demand for goodies.

Even though the UNCTAD conference main theme is to promote a development-friendly integration of developing countries into the world economy, some of these delegates are clearly just here to try something new with the free G.O.K condoms.

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