Actress Sarah Hassan of former Tahidi High drama series welcome a baby boy a year ago with her husband Martin Dale.

Many women have different stories on why they would be scared to breestfeed but for Hassan, she feared she wasn’t going to have enough milk

“Breastfeeding was something I longed for but was seriously scared about after hearing and reading soooo many testaments from fellow super mamas,” she wrote

“I’ve been lucky enough to have exclusively breastfed my little one for over a year now but one thing I was super scared about was not having enough milk or my milk drying out! Even though I had enough supply, I was still paranoid and it never hurts to just be prepared”

The actress married the love of her life, in a private invites-only wedding at Karura Forest in February 2017.

They had met years back at the gym in ABC place.

Photos from Sarah Hassan’s surprise baby shower