Dre and Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Mdee has been dating Hollywood actor Rotimi.

For a few months now, Mdee has been spending time with her boo in the States and they are nothing short of couple goals.

Mdee’s sister Mimi Mars revealed in an interview that Rotimi has changed her sister for the better.

She says that the ‘Dume Suruali’ hitmaker has never looked as happy as she is, thanks to this ‘Power’ actor.

Mimi Mars said this in an interview with ‘Simulizi na Sauti’,

We are not very close. I don’t have his number neither do I text him. I respect the boundaries. We only say hi through Vanessa. 

He is a good person. He supports me even when I don’t ask him.

I have never seen Vanessa that happy, my mother and I were also shocked but we continue to pray for her because she is very happy and she has been a very positive person.I wish them all the best

Talking about haters who say her sister Vanessa and Rotimi ‘Wataachana tu’, she says

You just have to get used to it. This is not her first relationship, even her previous one, people still spoke the same. You cant force people to stop speaking.

Last year, Vanessa revealed that she was depressed after she parted ways with singer Juma Jux.

Mimi Mars says she has an okay relationship with Jux.

Jux and I don’t have a problem just that we have not met since . we don’t talk, we don’t text.

‘I made love on top of the mountain’ Says Rotimi, Vanessa Mdee’s bae

Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee with Juma Jux

Mimi Mars real name Marianne Mdee has had a private dating life.

She took back her words when she said in an interview that she was never going to date a Tanzanian man.

She links Tanzanian men she has dated before as liars filled with fakeness.