Governor Wahome Gakuru

Some colleagues at the office were talking about the Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru and I happened to be eavesdropping (he shamelessly admitted). 

According to them, there is a real hazard on Kenyan roads that even the American populace has been encountering over in Yankee that they have now come together to address; traffic guardrails.

And as the Americans deal with their guardrails, the late Nyeri Governor’s driver spoke from his hospital bed and revealed that indeed, he had expected the guard rails to be of some use in averting an even major traffic accident but instead, it ended up claiming the life of the late Wahome Gakuru.

Speaking to The Standard, the late Wahome Gakuru’s driver, Samuel Kiyanjui told of how the Governor met his death after surviving what can only be described as excruciating pain and agony for 40 minutes as they waited for assistance in vain.

“We were late but the governor told me not to speed because it was raining and the road was slippery. I was driving around a speed of between 105 and 110 kilometres per hour, but as I slowed down and was steering the vehicle to the side, I realized that a lorry which was behind me was approaching at a high speed. I had to swerve suddenly to avoid the lorry which was trying to overtake me.”

He recollected. He explained that he deliberately decided to ram into the guardrail.

“I thought if I hit the guardrail the car would stop. I feared that if the lorry hit me from the rear, it would push us into the middle of the road and cause a multiple cars accidents. As they were avoiding the lorry, he recounted, their car hit the highway guardrail and upon the impact his airbag deployed, blocking his view and rammed his foot on the accelerator pedal. The force of the accelerating car which had already hit the guardrail forced the left front wheel of the top-of-the-range Mercedes E250 off its axle and the guardrail punctured the car’s body. At that point, the governor gasped “God!” “I don’t understand how the guardrail got into the car.”

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Source: The Standard