JB Masanduku and his fiancee', Jackie
JB Masanduku and his fiancee', Jackie

Being male and going into deep conversations at work are more likely to make you a serial cheater, a relationship expert has revealed.

The expert Sydney analysed the characteristics of those most likely to be repeatedly unfaithful.

Breaking down the three broad concepts that cause lovers to stray, the intimacy guru said the individual, the situation and the relationship all play a part.


Sydney said men have a biological tendency to cheat as they have a stronger se3 drive.

Aside from testosterone, the Sydney expert said people who lack empathy are more likely to cheat on multiple occasions.

The relationship expert said this group are likely to be ‘disinterested or passive in most circumstances and tend to put their own needs before others’.

She added those with a strong religious compass are less likely to cheat as it goes against their beliefs.


The Sydney doctor said a failing dynamic in a relationship is a key driver of serial disloyalty.

‘Relationships afflicted by poor communication, general dissatisfaction and a lack of meaningful se3 are at higher risk of infidelity,’ she said.

She added if a woman feels like she isn’t getting enough attention from her other half, she could find someone else to fill the emotional void.

He said contrasting personalities or a difference in level of education could also contribute towards someone cheating.


The relationship guru said one’s work environment can play a critical role in infidelity.

‘Being among a lot of attractive people or delving into deep conversations as part of the job can be a factor,’ she said.

And she added a disproportionate number of men and women in the office could also lead to someone cheating, as there is a larger pool of temptation.

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Living in rural areas can narrow this pool, meanwhile, while spending time in urban environments can increase it.