Citizen TV’s actor John Githui, better known as Ras in the Mother-In-Law program is going through a very devastating and painful time of his life after he lost his mother two days ago.

The actor announced the sad news through his social media, shocking many of his fans who in turn sent him condolence messages, days after being involved in a tragic car accident.

Popular Mother In law Actor Involved In A Horrible Road Accident [Photos]

Ras did not reveal what lead to his mother’s death on his post but only mentioned that the most important woman in his life, Ms Nancy Wangechi Githui had passed away at Tumutumu Hospital, Nyeri.

Ras (Right) With His Other Mother-In-Law Cast

The dread-locked actor later revealed to Nairobi News that his mother had passed away on Sunday, Jan 24, after a long illness.

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