Some Kenyan women cannot keep their legs in check. They are always out there. While we have many men philandering, women cases are on the rise. By the way, I broke up with my first girlfriend on the grounds that she had slept with a random guy and told me the next morning. These are the obvious-yet-painful ways in which married Kenyan women cheat.

1. Via texts


If you are married to a super hot lady, who works at a big corporate…she is being hit on by tens of men in a single day. They are willing to offer hundreds of thousands of shillings – or less – to bed her. If you two have been having problems over the past few months, you should even be more worried. I am not telling you to start a fire by going through her phone book, because not all women cheat on their husbands. But just be aware that it may even be your woman reaching to that other man who’s more handsome, has a stronger persona, has more money, is funnier, irresistibly social and much more. Just beware, bro.

2. Flirting at work


Let’s say you married a woman of killer beauty but she’s scared of letting you down. She wants to advance quickly in the career realm and is under pressure from parents and the community around. She has to live up to your standards. She might end up sleeping with her boss for that promotion! Please note that this is not the case where she is pressured by her boss to give in or she could lose her job

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