Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait has released his much-anticipated song ‘Makuu’, which is his very last song as he wraps up on his music career.

His early retirement has raised eyebrows, with some speculating that he wants to join politics like some other musicians. Jaguar did so successfully in the last election, and Prezzo will run in 2022.

However, Jimmy Gait has kept his fans guessing.

In a past interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the gospel singer said, “I am doing my very last song early October. I feel like it’s time to go to the next step. Where God leads me, I will go. I am not in a position to say what I’ll be doing but I’ll keep you posted.”

Adding, “When I was in India for treatment, I got a chance to do a video shoot for this song.”

Talking about this on his YouTube channel, he said he is not ready to speak about where he is going next.

“I said I am releasing my last song as Jimmy Gait and people jumped into conclusions because I didn’t say what’s going on and sometimes it’s okay not to talk about your things. Others are saying I’m venturing into politics,” he said.

Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait rubbishes throat cancer rumours

The ‘Huratiti’ hitmaker urged fans to stop speculating on where he is headed until he makes the final announcement.

“I feel like I have exhausted the first phase of my life in my career. I feel like God is leading me into a higher calling, more responsibility. People are thinking I’m going to secular, you’ll wait for that for a long time, I can never go to secular music, not even for a million years or a billion shillings,” he said.

“My music is my calling. I do it because God called me and even when I feel like quitting, the calling will always stand cause sometimes it not easy doing what I do.”

“This song is wrapping up a phase into another phase. I appreciate you so much.”

Gait continues to ask fans to sign a petition demanding better healthcare.

Check out his last song;