Sharon and Melon

DNA results and analysis for Kakamega twins Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo are out.

The two, who were switched at birth 19 years ago at Kakamega Hospital and lived separately for years only to reconnect last year on Facebook, are biological sisters.

DNA results indicate that Sharon and Melon are identical twins.

Sharon, Melon and Mevies

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While Mevies Imbayi, who lived with one of the twins is not their birth sister, her DNA results didn’t match with the twins or the people she grew up knowing are her birth parents.

Kakamega twins
Kakamega twins Sharon and Melon in purple dressed with their biological parents and ‘sister’ Mevies

Rosemary Khaveleli is their biological mother

Below is the copy of the DNA results by Lance Kenya.

DNA results of Kakamega twins
DNA results of Kakamega twins

Sharon and Melon are trending on social media.

In a recent interview with Citizen TV, Rosemary, the mother of twins said she was shocked when she set her eyes on Sharon [who resembles Melon, the daughter she only knew].

Sharon and Melon

She said;

Nikiona Sharon nilitoroka kwanza, roho ikatetemeka, nikatetemeka na tumbo yote…nilishindwa naenda kushika Sharon ama kushika Melon juu Melon alikuwa amekaa kwa kina Sharon Nairobi wiki moja wakishughulikia hii mambo…nikatoroka kwanza ndio wamama wakanishikilia wakaniambia karibisha watoto waingie kwa nyumba

[When I first saw Sharon I ran away. My heart skipped and I shivered. I was confused who was who between the two [Sharon and Melon]. because Melon [the one I raised] had been in Nairoibi for two weeks working on the DNA story. When I saw them I ran away but women from my church held me back and told me to welcome my children into the house.]

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