She made the Internet go wild with her pregnancy photos but then she did not say who the baby daddy was.

I must start by saying Papa Shirandula’s Awinja – real name Jackie Vike – looks stunning with her baby pump.

That said, it is time you know that it is not Churchill show’s Sleepy David who is responsible for the pregnancy.

“Huyo Mtoto Sio Wangu!” Sleepy David Denies Impregnating Awinja

Awinja, has been rumoured to have dated Churchill Show’s comedian Sleepy David which for the longest time has been dismissed as mere rumours.

So, when her pregnancy photos went viral on social media, the first person to come to mind was Sleepy David. This was caused by a photo Mpasho exclusively exposed them kissing.


The comedian would later say it was a cheap publicity stunt.

Mpasho Exclusive! Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Opens Up About Her Pregnancy And Relationship With Comedian Sleepy

Now, that that is settled, it turns out Awinja has been dating Alfred Ngachi.

According to Buzzcentral, the actress has been in a 3 year relationship with the executive creative director of sync media.

Nie Reke Gwire! Awinja Of Papa Shirandula’s Throwback Photo Shocks Many

Here are photos of the lucky man;