Women are said to be the most conniving human beings in the world and trust me, when a woman wants something, she will most definitely get it…ask Diamond Platinumz.

There is a breed of women out there who seem to specialise in snatching other people’s boyfriends or husbands, especially if they are rich men. And remember that women are a man’s greatness weakness.

A lady in her right senses will actually pursue a guy despite the knowledge that he is taken. Worst part is, she doesn’t give a hoot! These women can be anyone, from your workmate¬†to your best friend, a neighbour and most of them appear friendly, genuine and caring.


If you ask me these type of women are remorseless, malicious, ruthless, egocentric, selfish and others are just gold-diggers *sorry if I’m too blunt*… but they really don’t care, if they want your man, they will do anything to get him.

There are a few tactics that such inconsiderate lasses use to get hold of and snatch other women’s boyfriends/husbands.

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