Women are said to be the most conniving human beings in the world and trust me when a woman wants something, she will most definitely get it…ask Diamond Platinumz.

There is a breed of women out there who seem to specialise in snatching other people’s boyfriends or husbands, especially if they are rich men. And remember that women are a man’s greatest weakness.

A lady in her right senses will actually pursue a guy despite the knowledge that he is taken. The worst part is, she doesn’t give a hoot! These women can be anyone, from your workmate to your best friend, a neighbour and most of them appear friendly, genuine and caring.

If you ask me these type of women are remorseless, malicious, ruthless, egocentric, selfish and others are just gold-diggers *sorry if I’m too blunt*… but they really don’t care, if they want your man, they will do anything to get him.

There are a few tactics that such inconsiderate lasses use to get hold of and snatch other women’s boyfriends/husbands.

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They include:

1. She Is Too Friendly To Him
I know it’s good for people to be social and friendly, but there are some ladies who go overboard, especially when it comes to other people’s dudes. They can use this as an excuse to get close to your man and then they want to be more of his friend than your friend.. yes, bet you never thought of it that way. Now you know.

2. She Dresses In Revealing Clothes When Around Him
Have you ever had that friend who always wears revealing clothes, showing off her cleavage and hot pants to show off her thighs and ass? Well, this one could be the type we are talking about. We know that men are suckers for a good looking woman, especially if there is a lot of skin showing (which makes them weak to the knees). And the next thing, he might be interested in getting to know her more and that’s when you lose him to the witch!


3. She Is Constantly Complimenting Him
There is no problem when a lady compliments a good-looking man, but when it becomes too much, think twice about her being around your man. Men like to be complimented and a little flattery makes him feel that he still got it, and with no time, he will get the hint that the lady wants him. Such women want to be their cheerleaders so that he feels that his woman does not appreciate him enough..then we know what happens next.

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4. She Is Always Stalking Him On Social Media
Yes, with the new era, social media is the easiest way a malicious lady can use to get close to another woman’s man. She will always like and comment on his photos where he is alone and not the ones he’s with the boo. With time, this guy will notice her and they will hit it off from there. Talk of social media spoiling relationships…kwanza with these direct messages and inbox!


5. She Keeps Calling Him In The Name Of ‘Talking Business’
If a lady wants a man who they met during working schedules, she will always contact him in the name of talking business and with time, they become buddies. The next thing you know, they are meeting up for coffee to discuss work and then he will start noticing her beauty and all. The rest is…. you know what…

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6. She Will Always Make An Excuse To Meet Him
Whether it’s ‘talking about work’ or ‘she needs someone to share an issue she has’, this type of lady will always have a reason to meet up with the man she wants.. and makes sure she looks hot every time they hooking up. The next thing she will do is tell her that she’s at home and needs someone to come help her fix her hot shower or to assemble her new home theatre.. and you can bet she will be in a towel when he goes over!

7. She Tries To Befriend The Man’s Family And Friends
A boyfriend snatcher will always be nice to the man’s closest friends and family so as to get favour from them.. and of course, he’ll like her because he feels that she respects him. She will want to hang out with his sisters or taking his mother to church. That way, a man will try and involve her in everything she does with his friends.

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