Moments before Kipyegon Kenei passed on, he was having a conversation with his wife.

His wife Judith Kenei lives in Nakuru county.

Kenei sent a message to his wife, little did she know it would be the last message she would ever receive from him.

He sent the message nine minutes to 10 pm on Tuesday 18, February, 2020.

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Kipyegon Kinei was on duty the day former sports CS Richard Echesa visited the office of the deputy president to discuss the controversial tender.

He was found dead in his apartment days before he was to be interrogated about it by authorities.

Kipyegon Kinei and his wife had a lengthy and lovely chat on Whatsapp talking about themselves, their love and children.

They later switched and started talking about Caren, a relative who was visiting their Nakuru home.

They talked about how to accommodate her and after striking a deal, Kipyegon Kenei wished his wife well and to enjoy her visit with Caren.

They later had a phone call conversation that lasted for 53secs from 9:41pm.

Ten minutes later she received this message.

Tell Karen thank you so much for visiting us, much appreciated.

25 minutes past midnight she received Ksh35,000 from Equity bank account.

She sent a message to ask him if the money was hers and why he wasn’t responding to her text messages both on phone and Whatsapp.

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The amount she received was not normal.

According to the family and Mpesa evidence provided, Kenei used to send between 3000 to 3600.

The Ksh35,000 at ago without a word was quite suspicious.

As they were trying to figure out what was happening, another shocker came in.

Kipyegon Kenei’s social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram had been wiped off the grid.

At 7;32am on Wednesday, Kenei’s father received Ksh 10,000 from his son.

By that time, Kenei’s phone was off he couldn’t be reached.

With the situation, continueing to look completely out of the norm, Judith wrote him a text to ask him where he was.

There was no reply.

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On Thursday afternoon, the office of the deputy president William Ruto through his spokesman David Mugonyi sent a message to newsrooms.

He said Kipyegon Kenei was expected at the DCI to record a statement with the detectives but he failed to show up at work.

Hours later on Thursday, Kenei was found dead in his house in Embakasi Nairobi county.

Investigators are figuring out together what could have led to the death of the AP officer who was a key witness in the fake arms procurement scam.

The family strongly believe that the officer was murdered and those who did it staged it to look like a suicide.

Additionally, they say their son could have been murdered by killers sending money to his wife and father for it to appear as if he killed himself to cover their tracks.

Furthermore, the family is also questioning why the police officers who arrived at his house dragged his body to Embakasi police station and only returned it to the crime scene after an order from DCI boss George Kinoti.

According to detectives throbbing the fake arms deal scandal, Kenei had crucial information on who Echesa and team met when they stepped in the office of the deputy president.

The AP officer attached to Harambee Annex House had been scheduled for interrogation by the Kinoti led institution.

Rashid Echesa and three others are facing charges in court for forging military documents and CS Monica Juma’s signature as they tried to con 39 billion shillings from directors.

To sum it up, the detectives went back to Kenei’s house in Imara Daima where they interrogated his house help and neighbour.

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