Wendy Kimani is mourning the death of her dear father. The father to the former Tusker Project fame (TPF) contestant died a few days ago but the cause of his death is yet to be revealed.

Wendy took to social media to break the third news,

“It’s so hard for me to post this…I still have no idea what to say because I don’t want it to be real.😔”

She added:

“Dear Dad,Your presence we miss, your memories we treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never.”

wendy kimani

May he rest in peace.

She got into the limelight after she became a runner’s up on the TPF reality show. Years later she got married to Marvin and relocated to Netherlands.

Wendy Kimani

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Kimani is currently in the country together with husband for a media tour and to catch up with her Kenyan family.

Wendy Kimani

Here are fan’s condolences for Wendy over her father’s death:

mlekenyiodu: So sorry for your loss!! I lost my both my parents recently and it hasn’t been easy

tafari_boo: Sorry for your loss may God grant you strength to endure

misswirley: He was buddies with my dad 💔💔💔

kabirumugacha: Pole sana – My sympathy and prayers with you Cousin
seela_sirereMy goodness, bless your heart Wendy. Wishing you grace and strength during this difficult time. May his soul RIP and his love and memories live on in your hearts forever.

mleyhi: Take heart and may his soul rest in peace

catemashame:  am so sorry dear,I can only imagine the pain.I always look at your posts n have nothing to say kabisa.pole sana my dear

jennywairimu: May God comfort you during this trying time.
xayatI’m so sorry darling. My prayers are with you and your family ❤❤❤

conniewkenneth: My deep condolences Wendy. I’m so sorry :(! How painful. It is well 😘😘

sabrynahnjogo: May the Lord give you strength and peace. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

wanjiku_l: So sorry for your loss. I’m praying for you and your family’s peace of mind.

silviamukami: My deepest condolences to your family. May he rest in peace.

wagamara: Sorry for your loss….may God give you strength to get through it…it’s never easy losing a loved one ❤️

moh_muhoyah: My heartfelt condolences Wendy. May God’s peace and comfort be with you and your family during this hard time. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong 💕💕

aggy.kinanie: So sorry for your loss dear Wendy. It is never easy and it will never be. My condolences. Hugs.

shydivamystiqq: My sincere condolences to you and your family hun! May God give you strength and comfort.

mwangimargie: May you find God’s perfect peace during this moments of grief may his soul rest in peace

min_andre: It’s been a month and 1 week since I lost my papa. I still cry myself to sleep. May your dad rest in heavenly glory.

wallace_kamau: Rest in peace daddie kimani. We loved u so much

kamesh254: Heartbreaking sana …then again see how God brought Taji home for baraka za Guka…how thankful we are… He is with all of you hun…God is right there..