Jane Mukami and her family got to say their final farewells to their late brother Stephen Gitu. Jane has penned a moving post about the whole event.

Jane Mukami and her mother, Mary Kingatua had to jet off to the States for the burial of Stephen Mitu that took place yesterday.

We all got to know of the death of Stephen through Jane. Here is how she broke the news.

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Now, Stephen has been laid to rest in a serene spot in one of the cemeteries in the States. He was given a befitting send of as an army man.

“Today was a very special day. We had a beautiful send off for Stephen and laid him to rest in an amazing and serene place,” Jane wrote on her Facebook.

“As Pastor Kariuki shared when someone dies of cancer or any other disease we understand that the disease is responsible for cutting their lives short. The very same should be said and accepted for mental or psychological disorders…no one in their right mind takes their own lives. It is well.”

Jane continued, “I shared this before…the last 2 weeks have been sad and trying, but I’ve emerged a stronger and better person.
– I’ve learned that it’s during trying times that you really know who your true friends are. Those you expect to be there, are lurking in the background or nowhere to be found. Its those you least expect that step up to the plate and show you what true friendship is. Talk about life’s filtering process.

FULL DETAILS Of How Jane Mukami’s Brother Died

– I now know and accept that death is indeed ordained by God. When it’s time to go….it’s simply time and their is nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening.
– I’ve been reminded that none of us is too good for life’s curve balls. Things will happen to us at some point and time…it’s part of life #acceptit
– I’m still in awe from the support my family and I have received the last 2 weeks especially from those I hadn’t seen or spoken to in 6, 8 or 10 years and others that I didn’t even know. Humanity does indeed exist.
I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that comforted and supported us the last 2 weeks. Your actions have not gone unnoticed and we are most grateful.

A special thank you to my girl Kui Cathy Karanja for taking days off work and being with me. Your mom Aunt Sarah has gone above and beyond for my family. Your brother Michael Focus – thanks for jumping right in and helping with plans despite your hectic schedule. Our friendship of 10 years has now solidified our families to becoming real family. We love you and really appreciate you.”

Check out some photos from the funeral.

Pictures courtesy of Stephen M. Njoroge.

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