Ken Okoth with his mother

Kenyans have been irked by the drama going on between Ken Okoth’s two families.

Ken, who was raised by a single mother in Kibra after his (late) father abandoned them passed away on July 26 and will be laid to rest this Saturday.

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But there’s a tussle between his mother Angeline Ajwang and paternal side over his remains.

His paternal family wants Okoth to be buried in Kochia village in Homa Bay next to his father’s grave according to the Luo culture.

Ken Okoth's family
Kibra MP with his family members

Ken’s mother has told them off, saying her son will be buried at her ancestral home in Kasipul Kabondo, Homa Bay county.

When I wake up I want to see the grave of my beloved son,’ she said in an interview with K24 

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A family source confided to the Star said Okoth’s European wife, Monica, and his younger brother is pushing for cremation, saying the MP had verbally expressed his desire to be cremated. Speaking during an interview with K24,  Angeline said,

My wish is to bury my son in my home.

Kenyans have reacted to the ongoing drama and below are some of their comments;

Annah Kiria His wishes should be respected if the family want to bury someone, let them bury themselves, period.

Moses Wahwai How on Earth can they deny him his last wish?

Sen Gilbert Towett The will of Ken Okoth is final

Wandia Mwangi where were they when his mother was struggling to raise him???? Lubbish

Henna Mamake Huyo So what gives them the right to bury him?just coz he sired Okoth doesn’t give him any privilege of a father..he wasn’t there during their hard times..he wasn’t there when mama Okoth was busy doing laundry to bring a decent meal on the table,!!let Ken’s wishes be respected

Abu Issa  People scrambling for a dead body… ironically they were nowhere when he was battling the disease… Nini mbaya na watu

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Peter Mbugua This guy should have written the will to say where his lifeless body should be buried to avoid all the shenanigans about culture.

Judith Kandie Which father…. I thought they said he was raised by a single mother

Annah Kiria His wishes should be respected if the family want to bury someone, let them bury themselves, period.

Robert Ngetich I wish he would be laid to rest amongst his people, the people of Kibra.A mausoleum would be befitting.

Sugu Yuniah We as Okoth followers also demand that his wish be granted. Let his body be cremated the ash be turned into a beautiful vase and be given to his caring wife.

Sarah Awuor Next to a man who abandoned him..nkt. This must be the most humiliating part to the mom and wife. Halafu kwani a dead beat dad who is dead anyway deserves to be cared about while 6ft under uuuuh

Karanu Rhoda I thought I read somewhere the same father abandoned him. As Africans, I wish we would honour our loved ones when they are living as opposed to honouring them when they are dead and can’t appreciate our “good” works

Cherop de Harder Families should learn to respect their children wishes & especially if the said person is married.The wife or husband has the last say!Always complicating things for nothing just because you share blood 🤮.

Kritikhol Dhinkah Hogwash. Let Ken and his family ‘s wishes be honoured.

Omar Mohamed Sadiq A community where a dead person is more respected than the living

Mastua Fredrico We don’t want drama please, he suffered enough while battling with his health. So allow him rest in peace 😢🙏

Jemimah Areba Which father??? Who is a father? So according to them sperm donors are fathers. Nkt

Jessica Sang Paternal walikuwa wapi mpaka mtoto afikishe 41yrs ??
His wishes should be respected and if he didn’t have any the wife should decide

David Collins Otieno Where were they when he was suffering with his mother???All they want is to extort his wife all that the late MP has left behind,what a pity!!!!

Kimechwa Dee They don’t claim right to take care of your needs wen growing up only to claim your body wen you’re dead…some cultures though🤔

Annah Kiria The sperm donor want to be taken care of by his son even in death, after abandoning a bright boy in the streets only with his mother n he wants solace Frm his Son, shame on this dead beat belated neighbor strange father, we r mourning our hero Ken n dead beat family is here yapping they want to bury our hero, no way, bury ur dogs n ur cats,our honourable Ken Okoth,he loved God, n took care of the poor n loved humanity, we r going to cremate him as his wishes.May u rest with Jesus Ken Okoth, may God comfort his wife, children,mother,his brothers, sisters,aunties,uncles,cousins,nieces n nephews,as for dead beat father n family, stay away as u stayed away from childhood. We don’t need u, online in-laws,let cremate our lion.

Brian Ontori Dead beat father?